How we can help you


Who we Are:

Thrive, is an education, training & coaching company focusing on work life balance. We work with service professionals, businesses & organizations who want to live happier, have greater impact & elevate quality of life for themselves and others. We design & deliver customized one-to-one, group & workplace wellness programs to help you grow & thrive as a person and as a professional by:


  • Eliminating the unnecessary
  • Having greater impact personally & professionally
  • Making more time & space for what matters most

What we do:

There is a saying In viticulture, (grape-growing): "Fine wine starts with the vine ".  Along with soil & climate, vine management is crucial to cultivating high-quality grapes. Pruning & training of the vines targets & removes damaged, dead & non-productive, stems & leaves, and keeps the vines from touching & rooting into the ground. This maintains the overall health & wellness of the plant, stimulates & re-directs growth, & increases the quality & output of fruit. 

Our process is similar: we help you identify and remove the non-productive elements of your business & your life, in 10 key areas, so you can use that energy for what matters most. By simplifying & using resources more efficiently, you can redirect your growth, improve your personal & professional performance, balance all the elements of your life, & move towards greater skill, impact, success and happiness. 

Who we work with

We  work with service professionals including but not limited to,  entrepreneurs, medical, therapy, wellness, care-giving, education, spa,  hospitality & creative services.

We also work with service-based businesses & organizations who want to improve their work environments, strengthen collaboration & well-being of their teams, and build & grow a thriving organization, inside out.

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Join us for the 5 Day Service Optimizer Mini-Course!

Our free, live mini-course has been designed to show you exactly how to improve the level of service you offer-strip away the unnecessary, set boundaries, manage time, reduce stress, improve relationships and work life balance to optimize personal & professional performance, so you can improve quality of life for yourself and those whom you serve. This is not a generic webinar t hat leaves you hanging and on your own at the end-but a live course, designed for service professionals and entrepreneurs, with real-time interaction, Q & A, giveaways, bonus material and more!